System Administrator Tools

Find Used Space

This tool I wrote to help me where du didn’t - that is to quickly find where space on a disk is being used up. I called findUsedSpace, its output is similar to du. You basically use it to find what is using the space up on your server’s disk (but you can run this on anything, really - it’s pure Java and I’ve compiled it as far back as the 1.2 JVM for compatibility.) above a threshold you specify.

Solaris Package:


Solaris Profile Dependency Builder

A very quick and dirty tool to help build a minimised jumpstart profile, starting with SUNWCreq as a base. Requires Java 1.5.



A tool to bridge the gap between chargen and discard. Bascially it grabs one character at a time from a chargen host, and then forward it on to a discard host. Measures the average discharges per second, which is more of an added benefit to a great tool. Java 1.2 compatible.