Installing Java Enterprise System 5 on Solaris Express or Open Solaris

This has annoyed me before but I never bothered figuring out how to fix the error:

PSPERR:++++++++++++++++++++++++++  {Missing Resource Exception in the loading of the
PkgRelativePaths{Can't find bundle for base name
com.sun.entsys.installer.common.resources.PkgRelativePaths5_11, locale en_AU}}

And hence the failure of installation of JES software on Solaris Express Nevada Builds. I’ve spent some time this evening figuring it out (thanks to truss + find) because tonight I *really* wanted to install JES on Solaris Express b81 (with Crossbow Integrated Bits) and I’ve found a way that sorts the issue. You need not rename directories or do anything else but the instructions that follow.

NOTE: Sun probably don’t want you to do this and it is unsupported, do so at your own peril.

Unzip a fresh copy of JES.
Run the installer (I’ve used text mode):

Unable to access a usable display on the remote system. Continue in command-line mode?(Y/N)

Once you say “Y”, I’ve found it goes off creates a directory called /tmp/.entsys_CaChE

Inside this directory you will find the following seemingly relevant files:


In another terminal window, copy the relevant files for your platform to the same file but with 5_11 instead of 5_10

cd /tmp/.entsys_CaChE
cp ./Solaris_x86/.install/config/PPXMLS/Clusters/EntsysCluster_SUNOS_X86_5_10.xml \
cp ./Solaris_x86/.install/config/PPXMLS/Clusters/OrionCluster_SUNOS_X86_5_10.xml \
 cp ./Solaris_x86/.install/config/com/sun/entsys/installer/common/resources/ \

Then continue the installer as normal.

Then you should get to here:

1. Install
2. Start Over
3. Exit Installation
What would you like to do [1] {”<”!” exits}?

And if you continue now things are happy:

Java Enterprise System 5
Installation Complete
Software installation has completed successfully. You can view the installation
summary and log by using the choices below. Summary and log files are available
in /var/sadm/install/logs/.


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  1. Tony Barber Says:

    Hi Unix Sys Admin,

    I’ve been dabbling in JES myself and have been at the wrong end of that error message a few too many times, let me tell you!!

    You might remember me from such programs as Sale of the Century on the nine network.

    Anyway, thank you for your tips, I always appreciate them.

    Ta ta for now (TTFN)

    Tony B.

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