Finally - The Gap has been Bridged

You know Chargen? And Discard?

Of course you do, in fact, you’ve probably been wondering, “when will someone finally come up with the goods and bridge the gap between these two fast moving technologies in today’s marketplace?”

Well friends, its early days - but I’ve done it. It’s called “discharge” and it bridges the gap between the two technologies, by taking the packets from chargen and feeding them to discard.

The tool is flexible, as in you can choose to connect to any host running chargen, and any host running discard! It can even be the same host, or the host you run the tool on.

Of course, reliability is always a concern, so I have opted ONLY to use the TCP streams based chargen and discard, as UDP is too unreliable a protocol for these higly important, if not, mission critical tools.

Even better, I’m making this tool “discharge” available for free. It’s written in java and has been tested on Windows and Solaris, compiled for java 1.2, for compatability with older OS’, such as Solaris 8.

Make sure you give it 2 hostnames at the command line:

java discharge <chargenHost> <discardHost>

And you’ll be fine for this release (early adopters only!).

You can get the first (and any later releases) here:

2 Responses to “Finally - The Gap has been Bridged”

  1. j Says:

    Nightlife in Queensland? Not so much?

    Great success!

  2. Wahoo Says:

    Thank you for sharing!

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